What kind of Payments and Benefits are Put to the Participants

The period of military operations in Chechnya was quite difficult for the Russian Federation and citizens. That is why servicemen who served at the “hot” point, received the status of veterans or participants in hostilities.

According to this status, citizens are entitled to a number of benefits and payments that are implemented from the moment the Federal Law “On housing loan for veterans of 12.01.1995 No. 5-FZ comes into force.

The certificate is the main document confirming the status of the veteran of the military actions of Chechnya. That’s why before you apply for benefits or payments, you need to get this document.

Targeted loan

In a number of regions, loans are provided on favorable and preferential terms, according to which a veteran of Chechnya can receive funds for the construction or purchase of housing.

Such a program operates in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Saratov region, and Samara region.

Pension benefits

According to the established norms, pension benefits to housing loan for veterans of military operations in Chechnya imply an increased social pension. So, the increase is exactly 32%.

In 2018, the social pension is 8500 rubles for non-concessional categories of citizens, for WBD of the Chechen Republic – 11220 rubles.

The pension is transferred to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, therefore, in order to receive an increased pension, a citizen must apply to the territorial administration at the place of residence to write the application.

The main document for obtaining a privilege is a certificate of a veteran of military operations. Without it, the Pension Fund has no right to grant pension payments at an increased rate.

Get it can:

Those who participated in operations on the border with the Chechen Republic;

Those who passed an urgent or contract service in the Czech Republic;

Those who were sent to military units in the midst of combat operations.

This list is supplemented also by those citizens who were sent to the territory of the “hot” point in 1994-1996.

Where to get

Being in the territory of the Chechen Republic during the period of military operations does not mean that a citizen can be promoted to a veteran.

In order to obtain a certificate and a title, one must apply to the military registration and enlistment office at the place of residence. Through the military enlistment office documents are sent to the military district commission, which decides on the assignment of status and issuance of the certificate. When applying, you only need to provide a passport, all other documents that testify to the passage of military service in the territory of the Chechen Republic are in the military registration and enlistment office at the place of residence.


There is a clearly established list of benefits that are given to citizens who served in 1994-1996 in the Czech Republic.

All of them are conventionally divided into categories:

  • Housing;
  • Tax;
  • Payments and benefits;
  • Pension;
  • Medical.
  • Medical Benefits

Benefits to veterans of military operations in Chechnya means servicing in a medical organization after retirement to the address to which they were previously attached. That is, no polyclinic or hospital can deny the right to receive medical care.

In addition, WBD of Chechnya has the right to service out of turn. To realize this right, you can apply to a medical organization with a certificate without a record.

If you have any problems when contacting a medical institution, you can apply directly to the management of the institution, the Administration of the place of residence or the Ministry of Health.


Legislation provides assistance to WBD of Chechnya in prosthetics. Exceptions are dentures, which are not included in the list of benefits.

If a citizen independently purchased a prosthesis or a prosthetic-orthopedic product, he can expect compensation from the state. The federal budget reimburses funds to the veteran’s settlement account.

In order to receive compensation, it is necessary to apply to the Administration of the place of residence in the department dealing with the social support of citizens, with a statement, documents confirming the acquisition of a prosthesis or product.

Tax breaks

Benefits of combatants in Chechnya include a number of tax incentives.

So, in the event that there is a land plot in the property of the citizen, a 10,000 rubles discount from the cadastral value is provided for the formation of the land tax. That is, 10 thousand rubles are not taxed.

In a number of regions, tax privileges are provided for income tax and property tax. Details can always be found at the tax office at your place of residence.

In order to receive tax incentives, you must apply to the Federal Tax Service at your place of residence to write an application with an ID and passport.

Housing Benefits

A fairly large category of benefits, which implies the following types:

Obtaining a dwelling in the property or funds for its acquisition from the federal budget;

Discount for housing and communal services;

Obtaining a targeted loan for purchasing housing or improving housing conditions on preferential terms;

Obtaining a land plot in the property;

Installation of a city phone out of turn.

Compensation for housing and communal services is provided in the amount of 50% of the monthly amount paid.

For example, if a citizen pays 1000 rubles for communal servants, the compensation will be 500 rubles. Compensation is returned to the veteran’s settlement account in the event that he has filed an appropriate application with the social protection authorities.

When applying to the USZ, it is necessary to have a certificate of the veteran, a passport, and receipts for payment for services for the last month. The application is written directly to the Office. The period for consideration of documents is 14-30 days.

Getting a home

The acquisition of a dwelling premise in property or funds for its acquisition is carried out in accordance with the procedure established at the federal level.

In this case, the citizen must be recognized as needy.

The established norm of the area is 18 square meters. To buy housing can be larger, but paid from the federal budget will be only as much as is required by the Ministry of Construction.

To obtain housing, you must apply to the Administration of the place of residence with a package of documents. If the veteran of Chechnya is not recognized as needy, then the queue will not be put on hold, and housing or funds for it will not be allocated.

Obtaining a land plot

Legislation provides for the receipt of a land plot for construction from the region’s land fund. The allocation of the site occurs in the order of the queue, there cannot be a substitute for cash. To obtain land, you must apply to the Administration at your place of residence.

The plot is provided for construction, therefore, during the period defined by the region, it is necessary at least to begin construction work. Otherwise the plot of the property can be withdrawn.

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