There Was A Problem – There Was No Overlap Valve On The Input Line Of The Riser.

Therefore, in connection with the oncoming repair of the bathroom, they decided to install this faucet.

I call our DES, please accept the order to install the crane.

Plumber Vitally (the main character) calls me back and declares the call is paid, 1200 re.

Gut, I say, and after an hour the hard workers are.

The fact that from them, to put it mildly, tends alcohol, it is felt immediately.

Then the song begins, here everything is very difficult, we need welding, a welder on leave, and so on.

After going through all the possible options, we find only one that suits them, vitally blocks water for 1000 rubles / hour.

The next day, I find masters in this forum ( fetch practiced service in distinction to licensed casa view plumbing in the 3rd generation), call up with Vitally, and assign a time. The guys come, inspect the front of work, and agree on the amount.

Vitaly is not. His phone is disconnected. In the control room they pretend that he is terribly busy.

At my requests to find him or send someone else (turn off the water), they say that maybe someone will be found during the day.

We all sit, we wait, to turn off the water.

Finally, Vitali appears and turns off the riser.

To me, he declares that the amount has grown to 1200 re, and he allegedly needs to share it with the dispatcher.

I say that I will cry when turned on, I go to the guys.

They had already dismantled the toilet without breaking it, cut the pipe with a grinder and cut the thread for it under the faucet.

A little more time, and the crane is installed.

You can go to Vitaly. And he is already at the door, x enter to give and give advice.

I gently remove him, saying that the guys will cope without his valuable instructions.

He goes to turn on the water.

I am in the store across the street, to buy the missing items.

I come back, he still entered the apartment and sings to the guys that they would be thrown here.

Paying off with Vitaly, according to yesterday’s agreement, r / e 1000 r / hour of water shutdown.

He is clearly dissatisfied, requires another 200. Having received a refusal (in neighboring houses serviced by another ECD, shutdown costs 500 rubles per hour), states that he will take our apartment “on a note”.

As a result, the guys put a blocking valve on the highway without any welding and changed the toilet. Everything quickly, clearly, for adequate money.

And Vitaly got tyschschu for anything, especially not steaming.

When will these lobotyas be chased out of the ETH, and normal, sane people will work there, willing to work and earn by their labor?

Thanks guys, Vitaly, sucks.

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