The Ultimate Portable Boost

What is a boost?

A boost or commonly referred to as a jump start is a way of restarting an automobile with a dead or discharged battery. A temporary connection is made to some other external power supply. This mostly means connecting it to another vehicle’s battery or to some portable boost, which is being used commonly nowadays. The supply provides the necessary power in order to crank the engine. The normal working of the mode of transport restores the charge of the battery if the charging system of the vehicle is functional.

NOCO Genius Boost plus GB40

This is a very in-depth review of the ultimate boost which is the NOCO Genius Boost plus GB40.

One Interface

Everything is on a single interface such as it displays the charging level and status of charging of the lithium batteries using the LED indicators. When the connections are made in opposite polarity or the device is temporarily disconnected for heat protection, the error indicators show the status of these things. The user can switch on the LED light, charge a USB device or can even use the manual method of override for extremely discharged batteries. In short, the interface is user-friendly which is simple to use and easy to understand.

Compact size

It is almost eight times smaller and lighter in comparison with the traditional booster packs. It fits perfectly in the glove compartment, center console, or trunk as it is pocket-sized and compact.

Potential in Joules

In order to jump-start any vehicle, the power supplied should be given in joules as it shows the boosters real potential. Supplying power in peak amps is somewhat worthless as it takes about one to three seconds to jump-start an average vehicle. It delivers 1,000 amps which are approximately 7,000 J3S.

Jump-starts on a single charge

This lithium jump-start is so powerful that it is capable of boosting up to 20 vehicles per charge. The charge level holds for about a year with the least amount of power loss for over 1,000 charge cycles.

Multi-function booster

The NOCO Boost plus GB40 is capable of jump-starting various kinds of automobiles from cars, boats, SUVs, RVs to hot rods, pickups and more. It also has the ability to recharge USB devices such as mobile phones, tablet, GoPro cameras, wireless headphones and more. Powering any system from an external source extends the usable life and reduces the charge cycles of the internal battery. It is designed for gas engines and diesel engines for about 6 liters and up to 3 liters respectively.

Reverse Polarity Connection

It comes with a patent safety technology that brings forth spark-proof connections and reverses polarity protection making it safe and secure for anyone to use.

LED flashlight

It comes with 7 different light modes which include SOS & the Emergency Strobe. The multiple settings make it easy to use in various situations. The wash light helps any person see the engines, help change tires in the dark, or warn oncoming cars for roadside assistance.

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