If I say luxury travel, we will see our volume in gold-leaf toilet bowls, we will eat our food with silver cutlery and knives, we don’t talk about a trip with servicemen around us, not to mention the travels of the servants around us.

Talking about traveling on low budget, we always talk about hitchhiking, voluntary work, couchsurfing or something. Traveling in this way is a wonderful experience and adventure yes, but I am aware that some people perceive such travel as crawling. In fact, it is also possible to stay at the hotel without spending a lot of money, by eating in nice restaurants and providing transportation by plane. For example, how?


As a matter of fact, plane transportation is sometimes the cheapest transportation. Now we can find air tickets for most of the places according to bus or train options. Especially if you are following the pages of the flight companies and you are a member of the mailing lists, you can find tickets that are far below the price normally sold.

In addition, when you buy your air tickets from companies such as Emirates, Qatar, Jet Airways, Atlas Global, you get a certain percentage of your air tickets.

(If you are not a member Art way still HERE be a member, you can earn a bonus gift too small.)


Set up a tent, stay on the street, not stay in your friends’ house. If you want to do so, but if you want to stay in hotels do not necessarily give a lot of money for this. In hotels, there are early booking discounts, you can follow them. (I’ll call it Plusway again, but this site was a panacea eniz) If you use or sites via Artıway, you can get your stay cheap by taking a part of your payment back.

You may want to stay in a beautiful villa instead of the hotel, for example, here comes Airbnb. From the Airbnb you can rent wonderful villas, apartments, rooms for a very reasonable price.


We’re not going to eat cheap bread because we’re not going to eat cheap yolu We thought of an interesting method when thinking about whether it could be a way to bring food and drink to cheap. If you are a senior author of the Trip Advisor site, you can tell the restaurants in the places you go and tell them that you want to advertise the restaurant, and sometimes you don’t even have an account to look good in your eyes. Of course you do not be fooled by these inexpensive numbers, you should write your real opinion that you should not doubt your sincerity.

Or if you’re a gourmet, food blogger, you might also encounter similar goodies.


The entertainment doesn’t mean just spend a lot of disco, club, bar, lots of coins. If we let our entertainment sense change, we can discover a whole lot of fun activities. If you are a member of Facebook or different social media channels, you may be aware of free or low-cost activities in the city.

Tinder application can also be a very good socializing tool kiş You don’t need to carry the application to the end, you can meet and chat, you can drink something, you can find people who will be friends during your trip, do not become malicious immediately Ayrıca


This part of our travels is the most vital part. In addition to shopping before the trip, as well as This is Luxury Travel during the journey to friends, friends, the subject of the souvenir chapters taken to the neighbor, do not ask, these are the most unnecessary expenses.

We can make our shopping before the trip on the internet from suitable sites and at a more affordable cost. Or the friend of the traveler: Decathlon. In this store you can find both reasonable price and high quality products.

What about the souvenirs?

I have a friend who bought Aliexpres to come to cheaper prices, and I think he has his reasons.

Groupon-style sites have alternatives in every country, you can go to many countries by visiting the opportunity opportunities of the country you can do at affordable prices. BİM, A101-style cheap markets of the countries you go before you can also bring your grocery shopping cheaper.

I wanted to share my experiences as much as I could and tried, and I would appreciate it if you have comments and suggestions.

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