The Influence of Music

Universal Language

Music in any type or language can be felt and heard by the music enthusiasts. It is a universal language that awakens emotions and senses in whomever who listens to it. A song which is not sung in someone’s native tongue is able to leave its imprint on us and conveys us what it is trying to say. Music has such an impact on our soul that the range of it is very far.

Like chocolate

Just like everyone loves chocolate, music is also liked by everyone. Even in the past, music was some sorts of the communication channel between the different cultures that formed. This form of expression has existed in every civilization and will continue to be so in the forthcoming years as it has many diverse styles.

Expression of feelings

Basically, music can be seen as a way to evoke emotions in us that normally one would not let surface. Majority of the people see songs as a way to express their feelings and emotions. The emotions are sometimes so overwhelming that instead of harming anyone, they flow freely through the art of music. People turn to music often to study, sleep, work or reassurance which benefits them greatly.

Positive Influence

Listening to songs can prove to very relaxing and this is done through the genres of music which have a slow and rhythmic volume. It has been proven by scientists that pleasing music is good for the immune system as it helps to strengthen learning or memory, regulates the stress hormones, modulation of the speed of the brain waves and pleasant memories are evoked. Listening to music leaves a positive effect on one’s heartbeat, pulse and, blood pressure. These are some of the positive effects that music has on us. The instrumental music is used where radiotherapy or medical treatments are carried out. So, people should at least download latest videos song in their mobile phones for a bit of relaxation.

Most people are unaware of the fact that plants and trees flourish more greatly where there is background music rather than when there isn’t any. Similarly, it is no coincidence that cows give excessive milk. This happens only when the sonatas of Mozart are being played for them.


The field of the music industry has expanded in such a manner that researches are done on the art of music making and listening. The various studies have shown that there are various beneficial ways of music which engages the brain and the mood of any person.

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