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Alcohol dependence is a slowly progressive disease that has a corresponding code in ICD 10 and does not apply to bad habits. Start drinking, the person is not able to just stop and control their use.

Many people think, the alcoholic – homeless or impoverished man sleeping drunk on the street. And when their relatives are beginning to make comments or criticize excessive consumption, everyone says: “Who is the alcoholic?! I am not an alcoholic, I’m not lying under the fence, I want to work, or raise children, or sports, or have Hobbies other than booze”.

Unfortunately, after some time, no choice, no job, no hobby, no sport, and no communication with children.

At the initial stage of alcoholism is not necessarily antisocial behavior, vagrancy or begging. Among the millions of alcoholics have wonderful mothers and fathers, great professionals and just good and decent people. And they don’t deserve to get sick from a hangover, drink all the money, becomes a disgrace to his family and in the end – to end up on the street.

Rice Purity Test for alcoholism helps to adequately assess their condition. This Rice Purity Test can be sent to a friend who likes to sit on Friday in the bar, the friend who only drinks when the little child is asleep or loved one, who is not averse to a drink with friends every time they get together. And besides, it can go to the diagnosis was not a surprise.

Want to know do you tend to alcoholism? Our free online test for alcoholism suitable for both men and women. Using the test on alcohol addiction, you can learn about your alcohol abuse signs of alcoholism in women and men. Test testing only for alcohol, not other drugs and drugs.

Instructions: Answer 23 questions about your attitude to alcohol. Your score will be calculated and interpreted at the end.

Alcohol dependence is treatable at any stage of the disease. To help need a competent psychiatrist and the psychiatrist and go to therapy or at least free to go to the group of Anonymous Alcoholics.

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