Tailor-made mens suits toronto Gusset worn: here is the result!

For the costume, the material is 100% dark blue wool 100% wool flannel from “Vitale Barberis canonico” (drappier).

The price of the two-piece mens suits toronto: jacket and pants is 890 euros, the collar of the jacket is pointed, its width is 6 cm, we added elbow pads in the same fabric as the jacket, the pants are adjusted with 3.5 cm lapel.

The tie is matched in super dark blue 120’s wool flannel and lined in bright red: 70 euros 100% wool

The bespoke shirt is in 100% cotton double satin white satin cotton serge at 170 euros

Conclusion of this experience of tailor-made costume creation at home

How not to be happy to spend 3 hours playing the creation and personalization of his future costume. The one who will accompany me to the next weddings, baptisms and other fiestas with the correct dresses required. It was a real undisguised pleasure to live this experience with the excellent Goussette more commonly known as Naomi. If you also need a mens suits toronto and / or a custom shirt, I invite you to contact quickly Goussette.

The benefits of creating a tailor-made mens suits toronto at home?

I save precious time, especially by avoiding transport

I’m more relaxed at home or at my office

I can spend a little more time customizing my costume with the tailor

The tailor is 100% focused on his client and the creation of his costume

A premium service where you are at the center of the tailor’s attention

Costume tailor-made mens suits toronto at home Goussette

The 5 main advantages of a tailor-made mens suits toronto

A perfectly adjusted costume

A costume in which have felt good

A costume that highlights our body

A costume that camouflages our small physical imperfections

A tailor-made mens suits toronto makes us beautiful and elegant

The costume – instructions for use

The costume obeys some elementary rules that a stylish man must know. A precision that is often only one finger.

The collar – The mens suits toronto man user manual

If your index finger can slip easily between your throat and your collar, your shirt is too big. If you strangle to slip a finger, your shirt is too small.

Armhole – The suit man user manual

The underarm must have enough space to breathe in the suit. That the flat of a hand can slip if you need to scratch yourself.

The sleeve – The mens suits toronto man user manual

You need enough space to slip the flat of your hand into the sleeve of your suit (like playing a monk). If you can slip two (already you are strong), the sleeves are too wide. If you can go up to the elbow and after, you are a priest without knowing it.

The back – The mens suits toronto man user manual

Your shoulders can not come out in the sleeves as is often the case when you opt for a costume too small. Hands in pockets, buttoned jacket, the day must clear a path between your elbows and your pelvis. A slot or two: the first is necessary, the second is tricky. To be reserved for the initiates.

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