What Are His Main Principles?

The Okinawa Rapid Tone Diet is based on several main principles, including the “Hara Hachi Bu”, which recommends stopping to eat before being 100% satiated . It is also necessary to eat in a diversified way, by privileging small portions of each food . They should preferably be fresh and eaten raw or undercooked, with gentle cooking (steaming is recommended, on the other hand, we forget the barbecue and the microwave).

Another key principle is to consume foods according to their  energy density . To obtain it, it is necessary to take the caloric value of a food (given for 100 g) and to divide it by 100.

Focus on foods to favor or limit according to their energy density

In the Okinawa Rapid Tone Diet it is considered that foods with an energetic density not exceeding 0.7 can be eaten at will. In this category, we find tea, water,   fresh seaweed , tofu and many fruits and vegetables (eg cucumbers, lettuce, radish, tomato, green beans, apricot, watermelon, apple, pear, peach) .

Those with energy densities between 0.8 and 1.5 should be eaten with more moderation (eg legumes, sushi, shellfish, sweet potato, rice, banana, pasta).

Foods between 1.6 and 3, such as oily fish, lean meats, bread and dried fruits, should be eaten only occasionally. Finally, foods with a very high energy density (greater than or equal to 3) should be eaten only very rarely (for example, butter, donut, walnuts, mayonnaise, oil).

Does it work ?

In the end, the Okinawa Rapid Tone Diet comes down to eating primarily low-calorie, but high- fiber fruits and vegetables that  can quickly quell hunger while foods high in fat and sugar are very limited. It can therefore actually help to lose weight and keep the line.

As for its benefits on health and life expectancy, the question is more delicate … Even if maintaining its weight of form ( BMI  between 18.5 and 25) limits the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, it Do not forget that the longevity of Okinawans also depends on genetic, social and environmental factors. In short: to adopt only their mode of feeding in no way guarantees to become centenary … Especially since it is impossible to reproduce their food exactly the same in the West, many products are not found in our region


Medical follow-up and strongly recommended under the Okinawa diet, in order to avoid any risk of nutritional deficiencies. Also be careful if you suffer from hyperthyroidism: the fresh algae highlighted in the Okinawa Rapid Tone Diet can make the disease worse because of their concentration in iodine.

10 tips to stabilize your weight after dieting

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Phew, we (finally) managed to lose those few extra pounds … But not to resume everything illico, we give you 10 essential tips to apply without moderation.


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