Assessment Of Property With An Independent Examination.

How to challenge the assessment of property with an independent examination.

Very often, our citizens and organizations use a procedure such as property valuation. During the taking of mortgage loans, during the settlement of disputes with insurance companies, during the determination of the exact value of the damage received by real estate, during transactions or change of ownership. Some cases involve controversial situations. In some cases, it is necessary to provide data of the so-called counter examination of the property that will challenge the decisions of the previous one.

Property valuation is a matter of how complex and so important for all those who encounter it. Of course, these complexity and importance are relative from situation to situation, and from object to object. Appraisal of apartments and property in many cases does not constitute anything difficult, but appraisal of land plots is a procedure that may turn out to be a comprehensive study in which various special algorithms are applied and various factors are taken into account.

One way or another, the important question remains: how to challenge the valuation of property in cases where the results of assessments already made do not coincide with adequate data on the value of material values. A very common situation is the conflict with insurance companies and organizations. In which expert appraisers, called upon by the insurer, do not provide accurate and detailed property valuation. Either in terms of its total market or other value, or in terms of assessing the damage received. It is also often necessary to challenge the valuation of property produced by bailiffs. This is the most frequent case, and we’ll talk about it in more detail.

Our expert experts and certified appraisers are distinguished by an excellent knowledge of the market and the value of certain objects. It also uses knowledge of algorithms for calculating the cost of used goods. The ability to apply different algorithms when calculating prices for certain objects. From small items and valuables to real estate, such as buildings and land;

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NP “Federation of Judicial Experts” possesses the richest of all Russian independent expert organizations experience in cooperation with investigative organizations, arbitration courts and supervisory organizations. We have a lot of recommendations from arbitration courts. From this, the following two advantages follow: impeccable adherence to the law and the existing norms, and the credibility of our conclusions that exists in any instances;

And, finally, the third factor, which brings a common line to the previous ones, putting them at the service of our Customers. This is a job according to the laws of a market economy, and just attentive attitude towards each client. The organization’s policy is aimed at creating a level of service that will attract all new customers to us, and make old customers our regular guests who contact us with any questions that interest them.

Speaking about the possibility of addressing any questions in the NP “Federation of Judicial Experts”, be sure to mention that you can contact us at any time for detailed advice on issues and topics that have become interesting for you. We constantly serve a huge number of individuals and organizations, companies, enterprises and various institutions.

Thanks to the provisions of the Federal Law “On Enforcement Proceedings,” you, if you are a debtor whose property was incorrectly assessed by the bailiffs, have the opportunity and right to challenge this assessment. And to do this, as we have already reported, is better, more efficient and more convenient with the help of an organization like ours. This is all the convenience of an independent examination of property valuation, which is on your, and personal on your side.

This is a strict adherence to the laws and procedures for conducting such assessments and the trust of state bodies in the expert appraisal reports issued by us. This is where the work of the NP “Federation of Judicial Experts” differs from the activities of many other certified expert institutions. Send your questions to any regional representative offices of our center, or to its central office. You will be told how to challenge the property valuation, how to protect your rights and your financial situation in cases of incorrect valuation of property of any size and type.

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