7 Simple Solutions To Make Coffee Healthier, Tasty,

ecological and economical in everyday life!

Brighten your breakfast or coffee break with the photo mug!

To offer or to offer, the mug is an original photo gift idea to celebrate a birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a holiday souvenir or a starter.

Relive in the office or at home unforgettable moments!

This quality ceramic personalized mug allows you to start the day very well by adding a personal and original touch to your home. Your white mug 9.5 cm in height and 8 cm in diameter is personalized with one or more photos of your choice. The one you want to place on your mug can be either in color or in black and white and placed horizontally (10×13 cm) or vertically (10×7 cm).

Although smaller than a classic mug, this Personalised Eco Coffee Cup is a beautiful and unique object for coffee and tea lovers. Practical and trendy, this white photo mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and the photo will not be damaged.

Regarding the choice of it, free to your imagination: A portrait of a child or any other loved one, that of your pet, a beautiful landscape or monument visited and even that of your favorite star, everything is possible. Surely, these custom mugs will allow you to embellish and customize greatly your dishes in an original way!

The mug where the personalized gift for lovers of hot drinks

Dad drinks a lot of coffee? For his birthday or party, give him a Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  with a picture of his children!

Whether for personal use or to offer a loved one, this mug allows, while enjoying its drink, to have in mind the memories attached to the mug. This is certainly an ideal gift idea and original for example a rack, the birthday of a colleague or friend who would be just too fond of hot drinks. You can also do it in a few clicks using online creative tools or Auchan Photo applications.

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Online or thanks to our applications, nothing more simple. Upload your photo, it will automatically adapt to the format of the object with simple layout. Personalised Eco Coffee Cup For a creation with several photos “jumble”, choose the advanced layout!

You can also preview your photo mug in 3D before ordering it with the Photogénie software.

And as a bonus: do not forget to share your personalized creation on Facebook to show it to all your friends if you wish!

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