Know about the non-stop Hindi Music

We all enjoy music. Don’t we? Grooving our bodies to the funky tunes that we cannot get enough of. Music has this uncanny ability to bring nations together, to trigger patriotism and evoke emotions that are locked up deep within us. That is why we get emotional listening to the tunes and lyrics of certain songs that evoke painful or happy memories for us.

Music is known to date back as long as fifty thousand years. It has always been a part of our culture, in the form of jingles, verbal singing, humming tunes and it has evolved since then. As technology has evolved, so has music, there are various instruments that generate sound and beautiful singers available in every language. Songs have become an integral part of the movies we watch, whether its Hollywood or Bollywood. However, a large number of Asians tend to be fans of Hindi music due to language and tunes familiarity.

India is a vast country comprising of diverse cultures, therefore, their music are of various types, this includes classical music, Indian folk music, Indian filmy, Indian pop/rock. New Hindi song now also includes a lot of rap in their music as well hints of Punjabi touch as well.

Indian cinema is popular for its song and dance culture in its movies and one of the many reasons why Hindi movies are watched and enjoyed worldwide. Bollywood songs tend to be a blend of Urdu and Hindi languages. However, new Hindi songs that are introduced in the more modern era now also include the use of English language in their music as well, this then attracts millions of people to dance and enjoy new Hindi songs with their friends and family. Furthermore, new Hindi song and music tend to also have inspirations from Urdu ghazals and poetry in their lyrics. Their tunes are catchy; therefore their music is loved more than their movies.

Singing and dancing is a strong part of Indian culture. Their soundtracks make about 80% of the country’s music revenue. With cassette tapes in the early 90s to music CDs in the 2000s, to now being able to listen and download music directly from the internet. In the modern era of 2017-2018 new Hindi songs or Bollywood music has changed drastically, incorporating various elements of variation music which is admired by billions of people around the world.

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