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Looking for motorcycle insurance free quote? You bought a new two-wheelers and wonder if your insurance is still suitable? Do you especially want to simplify your life to find the perfect motorcycle insurance at a lower price? Choose simplicity! Fill out our online form for free and without commitment: in 3 minutes, you will get a clear quote, personalized and adapted to your needs!

Why buy motorcycle insurance?

In France, it is a legal obligation. According to the principle of civil liability of the Civil Code, all drivers of a motor vehicle must insure it. Users must therefore at least take motorcycle insurance free quote to the third party. In fact, in the event of material or bodily harm that would be caused to them, its role is precisely to compensate these victims. As everyone knows, the risk of accidents is higher on motorbikes and the consequences are much more serious. We advise you to subscribe to certain additional guarantee options.

Thanks to, you will have the opportunity to find a really adapted insurance, and will be able to save with the same level of guarantees. It is therefore the possibility of long motorcycle hikes that awaits you!

What guarantees are offered by insurers?

You dream of escape but you wonder what the best motorcycle insurance for you is? From a general point of view, two-wheel motorcycle insurance free quote is a budget that weighs heavily on motorcycle users. It is important to understand that the rate varies depending on the guarantees offered, but also your insurance profile. Each company can evaluate the same risk differently. First, make sure that two-wheel insurance works like auto insurance.

You will first have the choice between the 3 classic guarantee formulas:

  • “Third party”
  • “Fire-theft”
  • “All risks “
  • Intermediate formulas can be proposed by companies such as:
  • Collectible motorcycle insurance if it is a former racing car with value
  • Green motorcycle insurance if your motorcycle runs on electricity
  • Or the temporary motorcycle insurance free quote for a short-term rental.

In view of the risk of accidents, consider for your safety the importance of taking out a “personal injury” option for the driver.

Be aware that the second major risk for motorcycle users is theft. It is certainly easier to steal a motorcycle than a car. We advise you to study the contract well before going to the actual subscription.

In order to avoid unnecessary expenses, be sure to compare offers and choose the one that best suits the protection needs of your own. is the solution to adjust your contract according to your budget, your profile and your needs. Before you choose to spin like the wind on your motorcycle, take the time to choose the right insurance!

Quote motorcycle insurance: find a contract cheaper!

An estimate motorcycle insurance allows you to have the details of the guarantees and tariffs of an insurer.

In this sense, it will precede the subscription of a motorcycle insurance contract for your two-wheelers. But be aware that a quote can help you optimize your budget.

By comparing many motorcycle quotes, you can actually find the cheapest motorcycle insurance on the market, and this adapted to your daily needs. It is for this reason that Hyperassur accompanies you in your approach and helps you to find good motorcycle insurance by comparing for you the quotes of the largest insurers on the market.

Do you want to quickly obtain motorcycle insurance quotes?

To avoid wasting time traveling or calling insurance companies: just fill out our form on The online comparator then presents you the contracts and tariffs proposed by our insurance company’s partners. You can now explore the comparison chart and ask for motorcycle insurance offers for free and without commitment.

After this online motorcycle insurance simulation, you will actually get a number of quotes directly related to the needs you have entered and your biker profile. In a few minutes, you can compare at the same time the guarantees and rates that will be offered by our partners.

But you can also take into account the deductibles and exclusions associated with each of the formulas presented.

Questions to ask yourself before taking out a motorcycle insurance policy

The insurance for your motorcycle must be studied with the greatest vigilance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Key questions to ask yourself:

Who will be allowed to drive your two-wheelers?

There are three types of drivers who can drive your bike:

  • The main driver,
  • The possible secondary driver
  • And possible occasional drivers.

Good to know

For the first two, their names must appear on the contract, which is not the case for casual. If they do not have to be declared, however, it is recommended to do so for those “regularly occasional”.

This latter category of casual drivers must be covered by a specific guarantee, which insurers call the “handlebar loan”. This guarantee will include exclusion clauses and deductibles higher than the standard guarantee.

What does your insurer mean by “burglary”?

This guarantee allows you to be compensated in case of the theft of your motorcycle with break-in. This cover is essential for any two new or recent wheels; the formulas called “All Risks” or “Theft / Fire” cover this risk.

What exactly does your “Icebreaker” warranty cover?

Check that the headlights are well covered.

Does your motorcycle contract include franchises?

The deductible is the sum that remains the responsibility of the insured as a result of a disaster and will not be reimbursed by the insurer. The contract must specify, for each situation, how the deductible is calculated.

The calculation mode is variable. This can be including:

  • A fixed sum, in euros.
  • A percentage of the amount of compensation,
  • A combination of a fixed amount and a percentage.
  • What is the assistance?
  • Your two wheels refuse to start and you need assistance to tow it.
  • Are you covered at home or only beyond a certain number of kilometers?

A guarantee with mileage deductible at 0 km will allow you to benefit from assistance at any distance from your home.

Do you have a “personal driver guarantee”?

This guarantee is almost indispensable. It will allow you to be compensated if you are injured in an accident. In case of death, a capital will be paid to your family.

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