Externally Complaints Against The Institution)

If you prefer to go to an external organization, you can:

contact the Human Rights Legal Support Center (COAJDP) if your complaint relates to acts of discrimination or harassment related to the Code. The COAJDP is an independent body of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) that provides free legal services to Ontarians. You can send a letter to the Legal Assistance Center for Human Rights, 180 Dundas Street West (TTY at no cost to deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or speech impaired inmate calling account

You can find general information about the COAJDP and the services they offer by visiting their website for more information on how to file a motion on the hearings or to request an application form, write to the Court of Human Rights in Ontario, 655 Bay Street, 14 th Floor, Toronto, Ontario contact a legal aid clinic or a lawyer or paralegal of your choice or make a request yourself. Please note that normally, your complaint (OHRT application form) must be filed within 12 months of the acts or omissions (see Legal Services section).).

You can also obtain general information by contacting the HRTO by mail (see above), by email at [email protected]..

file a complaint with the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario (see Ombudsman Ontario).

write to a provincial MLA or Minister of the Crown inmate calling account If you need the help of staff for contact information, please complete a form request .

  • File a human rights complaint
  • In-house (human rights complaints)

If you believe that a rule, requirement or standard has negatively impacted you for a reason set out in the Human Rights Code , that you have been treated differently or If you have been isolated or harassed, have been discriminated against or retaliated against, or have been deprived of a human rights accommodation, you have recourse available to you.

Submit a form application to discuss your situation with an operations manager or the head teacher.

Contact the Client Dispute Resolution Unit at 1-866-535-0019 to help resolve the situation. For more information, see Conflict Resolution Unit for Customers .

If you are dissatisfied with the way your situation has been resolved or managed by the Chief of Operations inmate calling account the Head of School or the Client Dispute Resolution Unit, you may write a letter to the Regional Director for inform them of the actions you have taken (see Institutional Services Flowchart and Directory ).


If you are still not satisfied, you can write to the Assistant Deputy Minister, Institutional Services at the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. It will inform you and the school principal of any action taken against your complaint (see Institutional Services Flowchart and Directory inmate calling account

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