cat backpack

Manufacturers have come up with such a useful product, as a cat backpack-carrying for cats. This format is very popular with the owners, as it allows you to free your hands. Some models are equipped with wheels that turn them into a cart. But, the cat itself can seriously shake with this method of transportation. Meanwhile, excellent characteristics demonstrate models from the brands Ferplast, TRIOL, in which the risk of discomfort is minimized.

Plastic boxes

This is the toughest design that breeders and experienced owners prefer. With an adequate level of performance, it gives unlimited service life. The product is much easier to wash and dry. The plastic carrier itself helps the animal to feel comfort and safety. However, such instances are not very convenient in public transport.

What is a bag-lock.

This thing is indispensable for grooming, cleaning the ears, cutting nails, examining the animal at the vet. As a rule, such models are made on the basis of durable fabric and have several features.

These include:

  • Four lightning – this technique allows you to get each paw of the animal separately;
  • The presence of valves – to access the back of the body, tail, thighs, shoulders;
  • Collar to hold the pet.

Interesting and practical models have the brand OSSO.

In the ranking of the best carriers all the top brands are collected:

Ladioli is a domestic brand specializing in the manufacture of accessories and paraphernalia for traveling with animals. Ladioli carrying carriers are in stable demand and demonstrate excellent quality;

OSSO Fashion is a real dog-cat brand, which produces fashionable clothes, ammunition, toys for animals, you can immediately find clothes for trainers and owners. OSSO Fasion carriers are stylish, comfortable and practical, with great tailoring;

Gamma (Gamma) – Russian manufacturer of various products for pets. The brand is a modern collection of bags at a very affordable price;

Ferplast is one of the largest Italian companies for the manufacture of various accessories for animals. Here you can count on the best quality at an affordable price;

ZOORIK is a leading Russian manufacturing expert in the field of goods and accessories for pets. The company has become a leader due to the high quality of goods and European technologies;

Stefanplast – Italian brand produces functional and practical carry. There are complaints about the quality, but I suspect that this is due to the purchase of fake products. The real Stefanplast carry is very reliable;

TRIOL – a group of Chinese companies occupies a strong position in the pet market. Today, the brand demonstrates high quality, constantly updating the range and even managed to gain some authority.

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