The Tinted Solar Film, A Real Comfort – Residential Window Tinting

On the windows of a car or on the windows of a building, ask a solar film offers a real comfort! More or home window tinting in Houston less tinted as needed, the solar film now comes in a wide variety of colors and aspects for an original and protective, whatever the medium.

If for a long time the solar film was a product, if not luxury, at least a high cost, today, faced with the success of this type of product and the arrival of new competitors, manufacturers are constantly to lower their prices. This democratization of solar film now allows to equip all kinds of glazing for an affordable price. All manufacturers of serious solar films on the market guarantee their products at least 10 years against peeling and discoloration. The pose can be done with a little care, but if you want a flawless rendering, prefer the expertise of a professional.

Solar film, a barrier against UV

If the sun is essential to our balance, it can also, in high doses, become dangerous for health. In particular, skin cancer is directly related to solar overexposure. In the space of a few years, this disease has become a real public health problem with more than 2 million new cases a year worldwide (including 200 000 malignant melanomas). Faced with this explosion of cases, many prevention messages have been disseminated.

Sunscreen is the most traditional parade, especially in children, but in many cases, sunburn can occur as a result of passive exposure, which is unintentional. This is particularly the case when children are driving. They are exposed through the windows without really being able to escape the rays. And when the ride goes on, especially during the holidays, that the children are tied to the back and they sleep, they are almost captive of the sun!

A concern that can be avoided by placing solar films on the windows of his car.

What interest?

In fact, in the sun’s rays, it is not light or heat that is harmful, but UV. It is precisely these same UV that solar films stop! And UV is not only harmful to the skin. They also degrade the materials of the cabin of the car. Indeed, the overexposure to the UV of leather seats, precious wood inserts dashboards, fabric, rubbers and plastics abyss and weakens. UV dries materials and makes them brittle (cracks, discoloration). By adding solar films on the windows, the interior of the cabin is protected.

For the same reasons, more and more solar films are also placed on the glazing of buildings and in particular the large glass surfaces of the offices, but also the windows of shops and restaurants, and at home, windows of verandas, berries glazed windows, etc. Again, the solar film forms a barrier between the people behind the tiles and the UV. The solar film also protects the materials of interiors (furniture, draperies, carpets and other coatings). Unlike blinds that make a room dark, solar films can be almost colorless to get the most out of the natural light inside.

More comfort in everyday life thanks to the home window tinting in Houston

If the primary function of a solar film is to stop the UV, the home window tinting in Houston or tinted glazing of a building are also interesting to limit the heat and avoid the phenomenon of dazzle. Indeed, when the sun hits directly on the windows, the heat climbs magnifying effect. As in a greenhouse, the cabin of the car, the interior of a veranda or the office and commercial premises become real ovens.

In tenable!

If it is still possible to open the windows, the airflow created is particularly unpleasant and unhealthy. The other solution is to install sun blinds or pares, but then the darkness reigns inside, which is not always the desired effect especially when it comes to a shop.

Certainly, to bring back a little cool it is also possible to cool the volumes exposed directly to the sun, but here is the cost that flies. With air conditioning running, the car consumes more. And in a building, air conditioning is expensive in electricity!

The simplest solution and the best market in the long run is solar film.

Generally, a solar film stops nearly 80% of the heat. More or less tinted as needed, the home window tinting in Houston lets in the brightness of the sun but not the heat. Conversely, when it is cold outside, the solar film retains the heat inside by installing an additional layer on the glazing. The heating bill can be significantly reduced as well as that of air conditioning. Finally, the solar film for tinted windows reduces the effects of reverberation caused by the sun’s rays. The UV being filtered, the eyes tire less under these conditions, even in the case of a screen work.

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