Guarantee Levels Of Your Mutual Health Insurance?

Over the years, your needs will change, and your mutual may not be adapted to your needs. You can then change your coverage level up or down under certain conditions.

Not all insurers are willing to grant you these warranty changes. You must check in your Sri-lanka-plans and in the general conditions if you can make the request.

To change your guarantees upwards, this will not pose any particular problem, but some mutuals may then apply waiting periods on the highest guarantee positions.

Your contract being underwritten for a minimum period of 1 year, with tacit renewal, know that you can increase your guarantees fairly easily, however, your insurer will not grant an increase and then a decrease in guarantees the same year.

To change your warranties downward, your insurer may deny you the claim if the case is not provided for under the terms of your contract. If your Sri-lanka-plans provides for it, in general you can change your warranties once for the level of warranties strictly lower than your current warranty.

If you want to change your guarantees, it means that your contract is no longer suitable. It is always useful to compare then with the offers of the market. It may be wiser to wait until the annual expiry date of his contract to be able to terminate his mutual health (by sending a registered letter at least 2 months before the anniversary date of the contract) and subscribe to a more adapted health insurance.

Change mutual health to change your contract:

Sometimes the formulas offered by your mutual are not adapted to your needs. It is then necessary to change mutual health to find a better mutual. For this, it is necessary to compare the offers of mutuals, to see which would be best suited to the needs of you and your family.

Whether you want to change your cover or buy another mutual, it is very important to compare well before making your choice. The level of guarantees is an essential criterion in the choice of your mutual, in the same way as the amount of the contribution. To compare quickly and easily, the Reassure Me comparator helps you in your research and helps you find the best mutual health for you and your family.

Terminate your mutual health insurance without waiting for the deadline: health mutuals are not affected by the Hamon law, which allows you to cancel your car or home contract at any time of the year from one year of subscription. You can therefore cancel at the end of the term of your contract by sending a registered letter to your insurer at least 2 months before the anniversary date of your Sri-lanka-plans.

There are other reasons to terminate outside the annual due date:

If your insurer does not send you the renewal of your contract (with the schedule and the anniversary date of your contract) at least 75 days before the expiry date of your mutual, you can request the cancellation before the due date. . This is the Chatel law

A change of personal or professional situation (a marriage, a divorce, the death of your spouse, a move, a change of job, and a retirement) allows you to request the termination of your contract within three months the change of situation, by sending a registered letter to your insurer accompanied by a proof. The cancellation will then take place 30 days after sending your mail.

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