Evaluation Purposes

Download and fill out the application form and send it by e-mail to [email protected], specifying in the subject line “For evaluation purposes”;

Submit the completed application in paper form to any office of SUE MO “MOBTI”;

 Order in MFC of the Moscow region.

After agreeing the cost and terms of providing services for the conclusion of an appraisal contract, the customer should provide the following information to the MUP “MOBTI” GUP:

For individuals: passport data;

For legal entities: card of the organization.

After signing the contract and the necessary payment, the facility is inspected, the necessary documents are collected and a report on the appraisal of the appraisal object is prepared within the time frame specified in the contract.

The result of the valuation is the final value of the value of the valuation object, which is specified in the Valuation Report by the relevant legislation governing the valuation activity.

Property valuation

Since the day of establishment, our company has implemented hundreds of projects for independent valuation of property: we participated in the evaluation of deposits and refineries, large machine-building complexes and ports, shipping companies and modern factories producing food, agricultural land and transport parks.

Independent evaluation is one of the stages in the following processes:

Loans against buildings, equipment, vehicles – the establishment of market or liquidation value to ensure the fulfillment of the obligations of the borrower.

BEFL is focused on determining the market value of collateral for lending to small and medium-sized businesses. Regardless of the scale of the customer’s business, the property valuation reports for the pledge are executed in compliance with the requirements of federal standards, international standards for valuation, and requirements of banks. Our company is accredited in the majority of the leading banks of the Russian Federation, which have regional branches and representative offices.

Purchase and sale of buildings, land, and equipment – the establishment of market value for the purpose of making investment decisions by top management, shareholders.

Evaluation is necessary to justify the management position, to properly calculate taxes, reduce the risks of challenging transactions by creditors, the state.

Payment of the authorized capital – the establishment of the market value of property for the purpose of paying for shares, shares of participation in non-monetary funds.

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When paying the statutory capital of a business entity, non-monetary assets require an independent valuation of property to protect the interests of creditors. Such an assessment is very important for the correct definition of shares in the joint business.

The attraction of public and private investments is the establishment of a market and / or investment value of property in order to ensure guarantees of return on investment.

When attracting investments, the basis for making a managerial decision on whether to invest in a particular business is to determine the current market value of the property, as well as to determine the magnitude of investment risks.

Revaluation of fixed assets – the establishment of replacement cost of facilities for the purpose of preparing financial statements based on the concept of market value.

The value of fixed assets is one of the determining factors that significantly affect the economic activities of enterprises in general and the financial state in particular. The revaluation is subject to the value of fixed assets, intangible assets, machinery and equipment, accumulated depreciation for fixed assets and intangible assets. Currently, the revaluation in the Russian Federation is voluntary, but when the company switches to international financial reporting standards, revaluation is mandatory.

Translation of the accounting system into IFRS – establishing the fair value of various types of property in order to create consolidated and / or individual reporting of an enterprise in accordance with the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

When conducting procedures related to the application of International Financial Reporting Standards, it is necessary to conduct property valuation at fair value in accordance with IFRS. BEFL experts evaluate using the techniques of leading international consulting companies, as well as the methods adopted in the Company, developed on the basis of the requirements of IFRS and MCO.

The acquisition (consolidation) of businesses, the recognition and assessment of the business reputation of the acquired organization in business mergers (acquisitions) is the establishment of the fair value of the identifiable assets and liabilities in accordance with the requirements of IFRS.

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming an important tool for redistributing resources in the global economy and implementing business strategies. Mergers, acquisitions, mergers of structural units, joint ventures are integral elements of corporate governance. The main goal of mergers / acquisitions is to achieve the synergy effect in terms of creating the value (capitalization) of a business. The key moment in this process is the determination of the transaction’s value potential, which is achieved on the basis of a thorough study of the structure of business units of enterprises and a detailed analysis of the financial structure of the valuation objects.

Our appraisers are ready to establish the market, investment, liquidation value of land, buildings, structures, machinery, equipment, complex industrial complexes, vehicles and special facilities. The result of the evaluation will be presented in the form of an evaluation report.

The valuation report is a document that complies with the Federal Law “On Appraisal Activities in the Russian Federation”, the Federal Valuation Standards and the International Valuation Standards and contains information on the evaluation procedure and the total value of the property.

Our reports are trusted by large Russian and international auditing and legal companies, financial institutions, government agencies.



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