Want to motorize your shutters? No need to open your shutters manually, the motorization of roller shutters is more and more. You prefer a wired or wireless motor for your shutters? What are the prices of a motor and the cost of an engine? Mount the engine yourself on your blind and shutter companies or use a professional.

Why motorize its shutters?

Manual or automatic opening?

To motorize its shutters, it is to improve its comfort of everyday life. If like me you are among those who are terribly tired of folding down its flaps or turning the crank to close its shutters. Especially since this chore is done in the evening late just before going to bed, when precisely we have this desire to “do nothing”. I have the solution to all your problems: the motorization of your blind and shutter companies.

At present, the manual opening of shutters becomes more and more obsolete, there are three types of manual opening of shutters:

  • Opening with a strap.
  • Opening with a crank.
  • Opening by draw.

A kit of motorization can be installed as well on a new shutter as on a shutter installed since several years. Moreover, a motorization kit blind and shutter companies to ask yourself or through a craftsman can be done on both types of shutters:

  • The shutters.
  • Shutters.

In this article we will focus more particularly on the motorization of roller shutters. The motor fits all crank or belt rolling shutters because the motor is installed in the inner or outer trunk: it depends on the type of shutters you have.

The different types of automatic motorization

You will find in specialized store or at your professional craftsman different types of automatic motorization. There are two types of automatic motorization of your shutters:

  • Wired motorization of the blind and shutter companies.
  • With a wall switch.
  • Wireless motorization.

Using a remote controlled radio.

Whether wired or wireless, the principle is the same. At the trunk where the roller shutter is located, replace the old mechanism with a new motor mechanism that automatically rolls your shutters. The installation of a wireless motor on a shutter is identical to wired with additional radio receivers / transmitters.

Price of a motor for shutters

What is the price of engines to motorize its shutters? For the installation of an engine on your shutters, you can decide to undertake the work of laying alone or with the help of a professional approved for that made a quote.

Price of a wired motorisation for shutters

As part of a project wired motorization of your shutters, the average price of a wired motorization system is 80 dollars up to 250 dollars including tax . At this price of the engine, it will be necessary to count the cost of the installation on your shutters if you pass by a professional.

Price of a wireless motorization for roller shutters

As part of a project of wireless motorization of your shutters, the average price of a kit of wireless motorization is between 100 dollars to 300 dollars. You will get an engine kit including the motor, an adjustable telescopic tube, a switch and the necessary accessories to install the motor on your old shutters. The price is due to the installation of a receiver for wireless. Moreover additional options are integrated in the system such as the possibility of defining a time of closing and automatic opening of your shutters. Find the price of a roller shutter where you add yourself the engine.

Choose a wired or wireless motor for a shutter?

The prices of a wired or wireless motor are substantially the same. The experts of the site MaisonenTravaux.fr advises you to opt for a kit of wireless motorization for shutters because the wireless brings a gain of comfort and security for a quasi-equivalent price. Somfy is a company specializing in home automation and motorization solutions for your home , the prices will be a little higher nevertheless the quality is superior thanks to extensive expertise.

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